Mar 6, 2024

Wednesday March 6th~

Time has a wonderful way
 of showing us what really matters...

It seems as if I take one step forward and two steps
 backwards as far as this hoarseness is concerned. I was
 doing much better but as of yesterday I am back to being
 hoarser than I was two days ago, and I don't know why.  As I
 have mentioned I do not have the flu/cold.  Arvid is doing 
better and sleeping like a baby.  Thank you Nyquil.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday we just 
had to get out and go for a walk.  Of course I was 
loaded with food for all the wildlife I may encounter.
  I was not disappointed.  Made for a happy walk.

On our walk we always see "strange" things.  This time it
 was 2 girls dressed as Ninjas.  The walked a bit.  Stopped, 
then practiced some Ninja stuff.  I found it entertaining.

Sniff and Arvid continue to do their "thing" every morning.

Arvid keeping a keen eye out because he saw "action" 
 on  one of the vacant lots nearby.  Seems like construction
 is underway, and he could not be any happier.  As he said, 
"I have something to look at"  He's a happy man.

The future depends on what we do in the present...