Mar 27, 2024

Wednesday March 27th~

Hanging out day by day, we make 
our memories in our own little way...

 Today we take a little trip to Fort Lauderdale.  As always a 
little business first and then some fun relaxing times afterwards. 
 We will also meet up with Victoria and Michael for lunch at 
one of  Arvid's  and my favorite restaurants on the water.

As always I make time to go to the Swap Shop and get my fruit.
  Always coconuts.  Most of the others I can get back home in 
Fort Myers so that's not so critical.  I hope to find longans. It's
 one of my favorites.  Persimmon not so easy to find right
 now.  Hope the Swap Shop has it.  Mangoes, guavas 
and many others I find in our swap shop back home.

Sniff is home alone.  He can catch up on his sleep and 
before he knows it we will be back home with him.

A perfect day out is filled with laughter, 
sunshine, and good company...