Jun 25, 2024

June 25th ~ Panthers WIN!!!

Game on.  Panthers took home the Stanley Cup...

 The Florida Panthers made history Monday
 night in front of more than 19,000 fans at Amerant 
Bank Arena in Sunrise, Florida, beating the Edmonton
 Oilers 2-1 to win their first Stanley Cup.  Cats WIN!

Wayne Huizenga was awarded a franchise from the 
NHL on December 10, 1992. On April 20, 1993, a press 
conference in Ft. Lauderdale announced that the team would
 be named Florida Panthers, and today the rest is history.  

I'm super happy, a little sad to see the Oilers crushed, but 
would have been worse to see The Florida Panther's crushed. 
 Picture below is from many years ago when we lived in
 Fort Lauderdale.  We were and still are Panthers fans, 
and we have been to many a games back then.

It's a beautiful day here at home, made better because
 the Panther won.  This is Florida so we have lightning and 
thunder one minute, sunshine next, and then suddenly rain.  
Florida living and I love it.  Party time if not a Holiday 🏒
 in South Florida.  So many will not make it to work today.

That victory was accompanied by one of the longest-standing 
traditions for Florida Panthers fans and one of the strangest the NHL
 has ever seen: it has to do with plastic rats. Since the 1996 Stanley
 Cup season, fans have littered the ice with rats following every win.

To all a good day.  To all the Canadian fans, there is
 always next year.  This one belongs to The Florida Panthers.

 After 30 years, The Florida Panthers win the 
Stanley Cup for the fist time in franchise history...