Jun 16, 2024

Sunday June 16th~

 If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun...

 Arvid has found soccer once again on TV.  Currently the
 Europa Championship is on.  He's a happy man.  In between 
of everything he had "down" time, and gets to watch soccer. 
I like signs, and I take pictures of as many as I can😂

So far we have been having a very good time.  Work and 
fun is a good combination.  There is no time to get bored, at
 the same time there is time to always do interesting things.

Arvid makes many trips to the hotels during the day. 
 I don't go with him all the time, just once in a while. 

We are doing many things we never had the time to
 do when we lived here.  Back then all we did was run the
 hotels and work! work!  Today Kurt runs the hotels.  We took
 a step back and we love it this way.  Helping out while 
here is OK because we know it's just for a few days.

A trip to Branson Landing is always a must.  Hope
 to go back one more time.  We do miss this spot.

Arvid and I always have a good time here.  We even met 
our server from last year.  He's actually from Miami, Florida,
 but chose to leave three years ago.  He said it was too crazy and 
that people were all dishonest.  He said he loves it much 
more here in Branson.  He's just 25 years old 🙈

At the end of each day, I mark off my calendar the days
 until we are home.  Home where Sniff is waiting for us. 
 Arvid keeps saying how he see's Sniff everywhere, even said, 
"I felt him in bed last night, but then realized it was you."

On a not so happy note, the Panthers got their butts kicked
 really bad by the Edmonton Oilers.  The Canadians came to
 win, and win they did.  The Panthers never stood a chance. 
The Canadians wiped the floor with the Florida Panthers.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed 
by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did...