Jun 29, 2024

Saturday June 29th

I want a world where everything is welcome,
 everything is valid, everything is acknowledged, 
embraced, and accepted. To me, that's a perfect world...

 I’m not sure why, but I seem to always be exhausted. 
It’s not like I work a 9-5 job either.  I just can't help it, 
I’m tired so very tired. I’m sure it has to do with me 
being awake almost always around 1:00am and not 
getting back to sleep until closer to 4:00am and
 then finally getting up at 5:30 in the morning.

This is just about everyday. I have no reason to do this, 
but it happens more often than I would like   That being 

said by 3 in the afternoon I’m exhausted.  Bone tired.  Sleep
 used to come so easily to me. Now it’s such a rare thing.

Yesterday Arvid and I had a fairly long day.  We planned
 it one way but it turned out differently.  The plan was after
 dropping the car off to the dealership to fix some 
kind of a recall, we would go to Marco Island. 

 We did get to Marco Island, but I wanted to go to the 
beach and Arvid wanted to drive and check out the island. 
 I wanted the beach. I did not get to the beach.  We made it
 to 2 beaches but we had to park and then walk to the beach.
 Arvid didn’t want to, and I was so tired I didn't protest much.

  All I know is if one goes to Marco Island one has
 to go to the beach. Maybe I’ll do it on my now one of these
 days 🙃. Of course it then started to rain. That didn’t help
 much.  All that being said, we did have a good say.  

We went to a Puerto Rican restaurant I’ve 
been wanting to go to for a long time. Everything
 was delicious, but the  Piña Colada was exceptional.
  Definitely going back there in the summer.🍹

Work continues on the clearing of the marina.  Arvid 
continues to keep watch and to keep me informed.

Sniff in the meantime has decided to be difficult. 
Whenever we have to travel he knows weeks in advance,
 and stops eating.  He’s been doing this now for over 
a week. As if I needed that stress right now.  That being
 said he is well stocked up for when we are not home.

A good day to all.  Here in Florida life is peachy 
and there is always something to laugh about.

Life is so much easier with a sense of humor...