Jun 14, 2024

Rock Lane Resort and Some~

Take it all one day at a time and enjoy the journey..

Yesterday evening Arvid and I took some time
 and we went to check out Rock Lane Resort.  Arvid 
had researched it before we came, and the fact that there
 is live music most nights made it a must go.  Yesterday 
was just to check it out.  The music is tonight. 

We have been here before when we lived here and we
 really like the place.  Yesterday was only supposed to be a 
scouting of the place, but once we got there Arvid realized
 that they have Landshark on tap.  Well that was that.  I told 
him we needed to hang out a bit longer.  Of course  we did.

After we were done at Rock Lane we went to on of the
 hotels where we are going to be taking care of some business 
for the next three days.  Mainly Arvid.  He said he does not
 wish to be in the heat all day long so he will be more like
 the supervisor for the job.  This means so will I 😂

After we were done we went to Andy's custard,  
I told Arvid that I wanted to go there very early in 
our stay.  This way we can go one more time.  Of 
course I had to get a few pictures of the wheel.

We've had another good day.  Looking forward 
to more of the same.  Even though we have to work, 
we always find time for some fun and relaxation.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do...