Jun 23, 2024

Sunday June 23rd~

If you want something said, ask a man;
 if you want something done, ask a woman...

I looking forward to going to Norway as I mentioned 
before, at the same time I am starting to stress about Sniff 
being alone for so long.  Life, I know it's best to keep things 
simple, right now I know I am over thinking it too much.
  Sniff is well cared for when we are away.  But...

Still one more game in the Stanley Cup.  Still
 hoping for the Florida Panther's to win.  Game seven 
has to be their lucky game.  One can only hope 😂

Soccer is back on for a little.  European Championship. 
 Means our schedule is adjusted to the schedule of the games 😂 
 A good day to all and whatever you do may it bring you joy.

I was once again up very early.  I really wish I
 could sleep in, but at the same time I get to see
 the beautiful start of the day.  Worth it.

 Don't let someone else's opinion of you become your reality...