Jun 20, 2024

Thursday June 20th~

The world is governed by chance.
 Randomness stalks us every day of our lives...

 Here are a few random facts that no one really cares 
about.  Truth is if you have to fly, you have to fly.

One might wonder why I "pick" on Florida.  Well I don't, 
but we happen to live here and this is the news/humor I see.

Living in Florida has its own entertainment and I just can't get enough of it.

Since living in Fort Myers, we have never 
seen an iguana.  A few days ago this was spotted.

Heat or no heat for Sniff it's all the same. 
 He's home, safe, protected and always loved.

No matter how sophisticated our choices,
 how good we are at dominating the odds, 
randomness will have the last word...