Jul 15, 2012

Another Day In Norway...

Boredom is always counter-revolutionary. Always...
Summertime in Norway.  Leather jacket, scarf and umbrella.

Having a good time can sometimes be difficult.  Try as much as I am, but still the days are long and the weather is completely unpredictable.  Missing my life back in Chicago.  10 more days to go and it's homeward bound.

Today at least promises to be interesting.  Going back to Victoria's home.  Always fun to chat and have a good time.  The past few days have been enjoyable.  Weather though gloomy did have its moments of sunshine.

ready to go to the birthday party
Friday was a perfect day.  We met with friends of Arvid's and then we also met some other friends living in Norway, but also frequent visitors in Florida.  As Arvid says with friends you can never go wrong.  So true.  Before we knew it it was almost 3pm.  I had fun!

Last night we went to Arvid's aunts 80th birthday party.  When we arrived all the men were dressed in suits and the women in fancy dresses.  He and I were in jeans and glad we were.  All I can say is that this kind of gatherings in not for us, on the bright side after the evening was over Arvid and I had a little outing by ourselves.
The coming week promises to be interesting.  We have something to do.  Help Michelle and Emil.  Always good with something to do.
10 more days and it's time to head homewards bound to Brutus:)
I'm gonna get cute & take pictures, because i'm bored....