Jul 24, 2012

Heading Home....

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned....

In a few hours we will be leaving on a jet plane....yes again. This time though we are heading back home to Brutus. Home to Chicago. Have waited for this day it seems like forever and now it's finally here.  Here in Norway it is already Wednesday and off we go.

As usual when the last day is here it's a bit sad, but at the same time happy because we will be going back to what we like and what is truly home for us.  Once a year to Norway is OK.  We saw everyone.  Had some good times and it's time for goodbyes to all.

I look forward to walking into our apartment and seeing Brutus waiting for us by the door.  I look forward to seeing Arvid drop everything and pick up the little dude and say, "now we are home.".

Even though one has good times with family, nothing compares to being home.  Doing our own things, going out to our favorite places, living again.  I miss going to the gym.  Something I never thought I would.

I miss our daily walks, the hot tub, the food, the TV programs, the life that you find as soon as you land in the USA.  Of course that all goes with some not so good things as well. That I accept, and for us it's just how it is.

We miss our alone time.  The quietness of being together, but not having to say anything. The best days were with friends, Arvid's brother and girlfriend and with Michele and Victoria.  The two girls made our time interesting and was always a pleasure to be around them.  I love both their pets so that is also something nice to see every year as well.

Well in just a few hours we will be home.  First stop is Copenhagen, Denmark.  Next stop is Chicago, O'Hare International Airport.  Then I know we are home.

Already looking forward to visiting my mom.  Something we do always after returning from Norway. I feel like I need to see them after not being in contact for so long.  Then a few trips here and there.  Yes, we are home.  
"Holidays" are enticing only for the first week if so long.  After that, it is no longer such a novelty to rise late, visit family, and have little to do, then it's time to head back home..