Jul 17, 2012

Another Day..

These arms of mine, they are lonely, lonely and feeling blue. These arms of mine, they are yearning, yearning from missing you...
if something is wrong, do your best to fix it because sitting there feeling sorry for yourself will only make things worse...

Yesterday did not start out too great for me.  Even though I want to go home all the time; for some reason it hit me stronger this morning; the urge to just pick up and leave.  Maybe the fact that Hylda, Brutus' pet sitter sent us a picture of Brutus, or maybe it was the fact that when I showed it to Arvid he said, "now I really miss little Brutus."  That did it for me.  Of course the weather does not help at all.  Everyday it gets colder and colder and the rain never stops.  Even when you have decided to enjoy yourself it takes quite an effort to really do so. Especially when you also cannot connect to the Internet.  Have sporadic connection and not too happy about that either.
Even so, we decided we will have a good time.  We took the ferry and went out to meet with a customer.  Hopefully something good will come out of it.  After that we went to a place called Son.  We went to Son Spa and Hotel.  Another business transaction in the make.  Never a moment when we do not have something to do or a customer to meet.  That's the best part.  Keeps us busy and makes time go by faster.  Son was quite beautiful.  Sitting on the water.  Hot tub, pool Spa, bar , restaurant...the works.
Son Spa and Resort

We even got to see one of the units.  Views spectacular.  That right away can cheer anyone up. Combined with some good food and talking a little with friends made for a good day after all.  Good way to end the evening is to watch some TV.  
As of today, only 8 more days to go. Today also promises to be a better day.  Looking forward to being busy.

food does cheer one up 
For now have a good day all.  Soon heading out for the day.  Should be a good one.  Skies are bright and best of all we will be busy.

In life, there's good days and there's shitty days. If you live your life the best you can, eventually the good days will level off the shitty ones...