Jul 9, 2012

Norway Days...

Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway...

Here in Norway it is 6:31 am.  I am already awake listening to Seagulls screaming rather than Brutus' tiny meow.  We have now been here for three full days going on to day four.  Sixteen more nights to go.  I have to admit that even though this is one of the gloomiest times I can remember for a long time, the temperature has been very good to us.

I cannot believe I have not been cold as yet.  The norm is that as soon as the sun goes down it is cold.  Well there has been almost no sun since we have been here and it has not been cold.  Happy about that.

We have actually been having a good time.  Yes, visiting family every day.  We see Arvid's mom on a daily basis.  This is our intention this summer.  We spend time with her, chat and she helps me to practice my Norwegian.  Have to admit the lessons are more difficult that I thought, but she's patient.  She actually told me that I must be a Saint to put up with Arvid.  I said I sure was.  Funny lady.  You see she thinks Arvid is too much on the move and always busy.  I told her that this is how we are happiest.  She just looked at us and shook her head.  Did I mention she has an excellent view so time at her place is always interesting.

Arvid's mom asked us if we would like to go to The Canary Islands this Christmas with her and some other family members.  Right away we both said, "NO."  She looks at us again and said we were not sporty.  

Yesterday we visited Arvid's eldest daughters home.  The place is enormous.  It took almost two hours for them to give us a tour.  We are still quite impressed.  Great place they have and in a very short time they have done an enormous amount of work.  Looking forward to visiting at least one more time before we leave.  As always I had a good time.

Today Arvid and I have most of the day to ourselves.  The afternoon we visit his mom and tomorrow we visit Michelle and Emil's home.  This is Arvid's youngest daughter.  We are very looking forward to this and hoping we can help them out with anything they need.  We have already offered our services to help with their balcony.  Always good to have something to do, plus they are close to where we are staying. 

I am awake, the seagulls are still screaming.  The coffee is good and my thoughts are back home with Brutus.  We look forward everyday for an update as to how he's doing.  Everyday Arvid says to me, "have you heard from Hylda?"  Hylda is his pet sitter.

Time to read a little until Arvid wakes up and then hopefully we are on the move. 
Have a nice day all.
Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others...
until next time