Aug 26, 2012

15 Biggest Beauty Turnoffs From Real Guys

The best kind of guy is the one that can make his girl smile, even when she's mad at him...

I just read this online and maybe many of us can pick up a few tips as to what makes us appealing not only to men but in general.  I believe in looking good, but at the same time, I don't see the need to spend hours and hours in front of a mirror to do so.
The article goes as follows:

If you are looking to attract a man with your fluffy false lashes and your flowing fake mane, it is time to take a different approach. We scouted the truth and discovered the things women do that make men turn the other way. All in all, men love to see the woman underneath the makeup, so ditch the dramatic routine and go natural for once.
Here are the comments and opinions of different men surveyed.

"It gets on my nerves when women take too much time on makeup. You would think after a lifetime they would have the process down to less than 45 minutes."

"If she has to be at work at 6am and uses the hair dryer, it wakes me up. Then, just when I get back to sleep. She is wearing her heels in the bathroom and the kitchen. Click. Click. Can't you wear slippers? "

"I'm picky about oral hygiene - brushing, flossing, mouthwash. She has to brush her teeth before bed and in the morning before we kiss. That extra care once we reach a certain level of intimacy is important."

"My wife doesn't dye her hair often enough. I don't like to see those dark roots."

"I wish my girlfriend would get a manicure more often instead of doing it herself. She is pretty low-maintenance."

I don't like extensions because when you put your hands in her hair you can feel all the lumps. It might be good to look at but not to touch.

"My wife spends 20 minutes after the shower putting on body lotion. Apparently it has to be applied evenly. For me, it is just a time suck."

"Those thick eyelashes that women put on are annoying. It makes a woman stick out and people know that they aren't real. I like a woman who looks nice and natural. Regular people don't need all those eyelashes."

"Excessive tattoos. I think inappropriately placed tattoos are a turnoff. No matter how pretty she is. Plus, they are addictive. You get one, you have to have another."
"I hate hair all over the sink and floor. I wish women would be mindful of how their beauty products and hair can clog up a common space, especially the bathroom." 

"They don't put caps back on things or they put it on but they don't screw it on so when I go get something it spills."

"My wife uses scrubs and bath salts in the tub, and the grains never go down the drain. All that oil makes the bath so slippery."

Now I can't wait to see the list of things about men that annoy women.  Pretty interesting it should be.  Now I dare anyone of you to say that these things do not apply to you.  Not all, but probably one of them.  Now we can see what the other party.
Women are like remote controls. It gives a man pleasure, he’d be lost without it, and while he doesn’t always know the right buttons to push, he keeps trying...