Aug 29, 2012


I've learned to let things roll off my back. If people say negative things, I could care less, but I let it give me a boost of confidence if they're saying nice things...

People are people no matter where you go.  They will be the way they are no matter what you say or what you do.  That is their choice.  I also have a choice, and I choose to associate myself with positive people and people who care.

Having Danielle visiting is always such a pleasant experience.  It makes me realize that the world is full of young, smart and highly motivated people who see the positive in every situation.  Even when thinks look bleak, Danielle always has something positive to say.

I would like to believe that she took some of this from me, but I know it is all her.

When I hear people complain and just see the negative in life, I try to understand.  I try to see their point of view, but after a while it sure gets you down.  I then realize that I don't need this kind of negativity in my life.  Life is tough enough as it is without having people around you that can never see the bright side or the good side of anything.
Thank you  Danielle for being that bright spot in our lives this week.  We are really enjoying your visit.
 Positive thoughts everyone!

Sometimes you don't give someone a reason to dislike you; they just do it out of purely insecurities...