Aug 20, 2012

Goodbye To A Favorite Show...

All television is educational television.  The question is:  what is it teaching...

As far far television goes, I'm like everyone else.  I enjoy a few shows and we have a few favorites that we follow.  For the last few years one of our favorites has been The Closer.  

The Closer is an American crime drama starring Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, a Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief of Police. Originally from Atlanta, and CIA-trained, Brenda has a reputation as a Closer—the nickname given to interrogators who not only solve a case, but obtain confessions that lead to convictions. Deputy Chief Johnson sometimes uses deceit and intimidation to persuade a suspect to confess.  Either way she always gets her guy or gal.
After seven seasons The Closer finally came to an end last week.
This leaves Monday night with a vacant spot and knowing Arvid we have to start looking for something to fill it up otherwise I will be watching Storage wars, Auction Wars, Barter Kings or some other similar show for hours.  
Hmmm...even though I may enjoy some of them a half hour is good enoug, not the entire night.
If you have never seen The Closer and you are looking for light entertainment, some police investigations and some humor, you may be in for a treat.  Pretty good show.  Sorry to see it gone, but already there is a spin off of the show called Mayor Crimes.  Same characters minus Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson.  

Exit The Closer, Enter Major Crimes

Enjoy yourselves everyone!
Television has proved that people will look at anything rather than each other...