Sep 17, 2012

Fun Days...

Don't wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you've got to make yourself.....

With just a short time left in Chicago, we are making everyday count.  Summer is soon over.  I feel it in the air.  Fall is nearby and that means Florida is soon in the picture.  For now to enjoy what's left of our summer in Chicago.

It was a perfect day to walk through the park and to feed the duckies.  

We could not find many duckies in the water, but we sure found many on land.  At some point Arvid was a little worried the duckies were going to start pecking him so he rushed his feeding and we got out of there as fast as we could.  Was fun!

It started out with maybe 10 duckies, but as soon as the food started flowing there were more duckies than we had food.  Of course, now I have been saving up all the extra bread, plus have bought them their own bread without telling to Arvid.  He does not think it necessary to spend money on extra stuff for them.  I enjoy it so I do it:)

One of our favorite things to do is to just walk around the city and enjoy all the people watching and everything that is going on.  Today we were lucky to see the filming of a Bollywood movie.  There was a crowd everywhere and the city was alive and vibrant with commotion.  My favorite!

Arvid is always happy to just see the water and to look at the passing boats.  Today the waterways were all cleared due to the filming of the movie.  Lucky us, we always get to see someone getting married.  Nice to see people all dressed up and having a great time.

As usual the best way to end the day is to go straight to the pool and then the hot tub.  Relaxing and gets us ready for the remaining of the evening.  Like I said before, these are our last couple of weeks in Chicago.  We have done so much this summer, but whenever the time is near to the end seems we always want to do so much more.  I am also looking forward to soon going back to Florida and to our apartment!

Florida on our agenda:)

Wishing you all happy days!
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