Sep 5, 2012

Today I Have Missed You....

 Ma you are gone  from our lives but you will never be gone from our hearts.  The day god called you home was the day he broke our hearts....

As I was going through some pictures, I came across a picture with me and my grandmother.  This was the last time I saw her alive.  Arvid and I were in Canada.  Arvid took this picture of us on March 12, 2010.  She died shortly afterwards.

She was fragile looking and had lost a lot of weight, yet that did not stop her from being the spunky woman I have always admired.  The few times Arvid has seen her were enough to leave him with a very good impression.  To this day he would say to me, "I liked your grandma.  She reminded me of my grandma."

Ma we all have busy lives, but there are moments when you come into my thoughts and so many memories come to me.  Memories of when I was a child.  Of the times we went fishing with you.  Of the times you fed us from your plate.  The times you told us stories until we would fall asleep.  Stories which to this day my sisters tell to their children.

Today I spent time thinking of you.  Today I wish I could have picked up the phone and call you.  Hear your voice as you said, "hello."
Ma, today I miss you!

When you went away you left an empty space in ours hearts but we filled that spacer with love and memories. We miss your love, your tears, your laughter and your touch but most of all we miss your smile...