Oct 13, 2012

Cheers to Good Friends...

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions...

Back in Florida and it was time to catch up with "Sandy" and have a few good laughs.  It sure is good to be back and to have some girl time again.  We talked about everything and really nothing as well.  We got caught up with each others lives for the last four months (even though we talked frequently while we were in Chicago).

Even Arvid has to laugh at the things she says.  Anyway after a while she got serious and she said that lately her imagination has been running wild.  Of course I was curious to hear where this was all leading up to.  With her you never know.  It can sound serious, but most times it is really something very simple.

This time was no exception either.  "Sandy" was just curious on my views about men and about the dating process again.  Like many, she was of the opinion that men were no good and how she would really like to meet some rich old man who would just take care of her and just buy her anything she wanted.

I pointed out a few flaws to this scenario, but the girl was on a roll.  She had this far away look in her eyes and it was as if I was no longer present, at least for a while she was in dream land and was having a great time.  I sure was not going to interrupt this.

Anyway after a few minutes she snapped out of it, we had a good laugh and continued chatting.  She said to me, "Nadiya, there was a time all I had to do was go to a bar, sit down and men were begging to buy me drinks.  Now I can go naked and no one would even notice.  I think they would probably just step on me."  Her words.  We laughed.  Finished our mojitos.  Enjoyed our meal and headed out to our cars.  Yes, it was a good time!
Have a good day all and remember, "The man who has no imagination has no wings."

To imagine is everything, to know is nothing at all...