Oct 21, 2012

Happy Days...

The smile on my face doesn't mean my life is perfect.  It means I appreciate what I have and what God has blessed me with.....

Naples was fun.  I had time to spend with JR and even though she could

not make it to lunch with us, we had a few hours all to ourselves.  It was pretty good to  catch up with each others lives.  It was as if we had never been apart.  I know that one of the advantages of friendship is that no matter distance or separation the bond that brought us together in the first place will always be there.
We laughed, we joked and a few tears were shed reminiscing about days gone by.

We of course had to compared horror stories about families and I have to say this was hilarious at times.  JR has her kids living in another state and said she hopes it stays that way.  She said that as soon as the families were  together it was problematic.  As she said she loves the kids and spouses but please "don't come and live close to me.  I like my life too much to have it ruined by you."  Her words!  I laughed because some of it sounded familiar:)))

A few more laughs and some more stories and soon it was time to go.  Arvid was calling, and was hungry as a bear is how he put it.  While I was with my girlfriend, Arvid found a very nice place by the water for us to have lunch. It was beautiful.  Food was excellent and the snow crabs were delicious.   I was happy and after driving around Naples a bit it was time to go home.   Long time ago , I lived in Fort Myers and I worked in Naples.  Many good memories visiting places and people I know.

On the way home Arvid says he's in the mood for some music.  Well I was ready to call it a day.  I was awake since 5:00am and was a bit tired, but of course I went along.  Albert Castiglia a favorite of ours was playing at the Downtowner and he's just good!  Glad we went because the music was excellent .  The crowd was lively and the place was packed.  The day was good and we're happy.

Today a whole new day.  Laundry and the usual cleaning.  Some phone calls and then out we go again. Today it seems we have to change the bedroom blinds because Brutus does not like them and we worry he might hurt himself.  So far we had all the blinds custom made, and we already gave away the ones for the kitchen, now it's soon bye bye to the ones in the bedroom. 

Beautiful day for a picnic and a car show.  
Hope yours is also good.

At the end of the day before you close your eyes, be content with were you've been, and proud of who you are....