Oct 8, 2012

Settling In...

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better...

Good to be back home again.  One of the first things we did was to makes sure the cars started.  After being gone for four months one wonders.  Fortunately Arvid disconnected the battery from his truck, but we decided to not do the same with mine.  Both cars started up right away. 

The car was filthy so the next morning first thing was to take it to the car wash.  Now nice and clean again.  After that it was nice to go back to Publix, one of the grocery stores we shop in.  Not the same like Mariano's in Chicago, but it has everything and it is stocked with more of my favorite tropical fruit than Mariano's. For me that's a good thing.
back to "normal"
Brutus was still a little tired the first two days but now up and about again.  He has been taking a few days to become adjusted.  Same happened when we got to Chicago.  I looked at Brutus and I said to Arvid, "one day Brutus will not be able to do these trips anymore."  He said that he knew that and he has already thought about it.  Then he asked me what would we do at that point.  I said there is no way I would go to Chicago without Brutus.  Arvid said that maybe at that point we will sell our apartment.

watching the game and tired at the same time:)
Anyway that's hopefully a very, very long time from now.  Brutus is almost back to his normal self.  He has found his favorite spots and this is by the hour.  Now he is fast asleep under the sheets.  Since its Soccer time Arvid and I schedule our workday around the Soccer schedule as well.  When not under the sheets, Brutus likes to sit on my chair and watch TV with his dada.

Works for me and for Arvid.  Brutus in the meantime just happy.
Time for a soccer game and then some more work.  Nice to be busy again.  In Chicago it was mostly vacation mode.  Good, but after a while can become exhausting.

our baby
Unfortunately, Arvid's computer crashed just two days after we got home.  We ended up getting a new one.  He is fussy about his stuff and now swears he will never open any links sent to him.  Does not matter if I sent it. His mind is made up that everything could be a potential virus to his computer and nothing will change his mind.  

Well everyone enjoy your day and remember being busy is a good thing.  Life is GOOD!

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how....