Oct 16, 2012


Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened... 

at the vet:(
Our Brutus has hurt his paw ...again.  We are trying everything to make it easier for him, but it seems that he finds ways to get himself hurt.  As you can imagine this is not easy to see.  Both Arvid and I are always trying to guess his next move and to make sure it is "safe"
He has steps for anyplace he needs to climb and a condo so he can sit up high and see the world.  Brutus technically has everything and if he lacks something it is because we don't now of it as yet.  Just the other day we bought mats for the kitchen floor.  Very nice ones, but Brutus did not like it.  I returned them and got another nice mat from Bed Bath & Beyond.  Brutus still did not like it.  Finally I returned and got a not so very nice one, but this one he really likes.  It stays.  Fussy little kitty.

Yes, he is an indoor cat, but he somehow manages to find places where he jumps and to get his paw somehow tangled up and hurt.

We took him to the vet and this mild mannered kitty became a tiger.  He attacked everyone in sight, but did not hurt anyone.  He was just so very scared.  You see as we were going into the examining room two huge bulldogs tried to attack him.  Brutus not being the bravest of cats was needless to say terrified.  His nose was pink, pink.  A sign that he's very scared.

Seems like he had a good nights sleep because he is up and ready to go right now.  A good sign is that he is already jumping everywhere he should not.  Had to get out of bed just to make sure he does not make too much of a racket and wake Arvid up. Arvid is not a morning person.  Brutus and I are.  We got to see the sunrise and I am having my morning cafe.  Busy day ahead, but as usual...busy is good.

Good day to all of you.

Cats are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole...