Mar 9, 2013


Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet...

Had to share this.  Arvid and I were out for a bit and we came across a few squirrels.  Just too cute. 
They were just following us and running around in circles.  Seems that like me they also enjoy having their pictures taken :)

Can't miss out on Brutus either.  Here he is being cuddled after coming home from the vet.  Yes, Brutus is back to the vet for daily shots.  Not happy about it, but being a trooper kitty that he is,  he puts on a brave face:) and once in a while finds that it helps to hide out in the pillowcase.  maybe that way they would not see him and give him a shot... he can hope.

As you can see his paw is still not healed.  Unfortunately for us, Brutus may have to have another "minor" surgery.  The first surgery cut open his paw in over six places to clean out the infection.  If another surgery is needed hopefully it will only be one cut.  For now it's back to treatments.

On the bright side, Brutus plays a lot, eats and does everything.  We can't really see that he is in pain, but the paw looks terrible and that by itself bothers us.  For now it's wait and see again.
Wishing everyone a good day.

All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others...