Mar 8, 2013

Let's Have A Good Day....

Good morning beautiful world. Its new day again. Wish we all have a good day...

Yesterday was a very good day.  I actually did manage to go to the gym, even if only for a short time.  Still, I felt good and from that point on the day just got better and better.  

Took Brutus to his doctors appointment and in less than five minutes we were out.  Just a shot.  He cried all the way in the car, but once there he was a good kitty no hissing.  Even saw our friend Chucky, the mascot at the vet's office.  Such a good kitty he is never hisses and never loses his cool no matter the size of the animal in front of him.
An unexpected call from some friends from Norway was a pleasant surprise and having lunch with them was also very nice.  These last few weeks it seems we have been out having lunches with friends more more than usual.  Very nice indeed.  

Back home got some much needed work done and the rest of the day was just very relaxing.  Brutus hopefully will be getting better with his medicines and Arvid everyday is doing better.  Could not ask for more.  Life is good.  We are happy and grateful to be able to spend it with each other.

It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. In the end we all die but it's the life we live that matters. Have a good day!