Mar 28, 2013

Good Times...Good Days

Play the moments.  Pause the  memories.
   Stop the pain.  Rewind the happiness.
Life is full with ups and downs the trick is to enjoy the good times 
and to have the courage to go through the bad ones... 

This is actually a real vacation for us.  For once we are not having to run from place to place to meet someone to to take care of anything or anyone.  Yes, total relaxation. Of course, some little part is always business, but this time it is business without an agenda.  Easy all around.  We do as we please at the time we please.  Very relaxing.

We wake up to beautiful sunshine and to the sight of two beautiful yellow birds just sitting on the tree branch staring at me.  Love it.  One of my favorite things is seeing the dolphins anytime we step out of our door.  There are so many places they swim that it is almost impossible to go out and not spot them.  Also, there are always instructors all over the place giving "swimming with dolphins" lessons.  Just perfect.

When we wake up I also see dolphins from one of the bedroom windows.  We have the water around us so for us this is perfect.  Always something happening and always something to do.

The days are relaxing and spent doing only what we want.  We live in a pretty cool area where you can get everything you need without having to go into town or without having to use a car.  We have a car because we would also like to see some of the ruins one day and for this you need a car or take a taxi.  I like my own transportation.

We do morning walks after breakfast.  Come back so Arvid can rest his foot which still is very swollen.  We then go out into town a bit and discover something new, have lunch and come back for more leg elevation for Arvid.

I love to be on the move so while Arvid is sometimes resting his foot, I would venture out again and visit my dolphin friends.  I go around stop at the cafe shop and just enjoy some time sipping cafe and watching the dolphins at play.  Arvid tends to get a bit worried so he would come looking for me.  Says he does not want me talking to strangers (which I do all day long).

We would then walk around a bit more and just go to one of our favorite pit stops, where we always find something we both enjoy.  Yesterday we also checked out the local fruit and vegetable market.  I am happy!

Life is good and we are living it.  Brutus is what's missing, and I just wonder if it would be OK to bring him along with us next time we are here..  

Life is like a camera. Just focus on whats important,
 capture the good times, develop from the negative 
and if things don't turn out just take another shot.
Thank you for the good times, the days you filled with pleasure. 
Thank you for fond memories, and for feelings I'll always treasure...