Mar 4, 2013

Food = Happiness

I am not a glutton, I am an explorer of food...

One  of my favorite days of the week is Sunday.  It is the day both Arvid and I have more time for each other and everything is more slowly paced compared to the rest of the week.  Sunday is also the day I do not make dinner.  On this day Arvid take me out and we have a very good time.  As he says, "it's just our day and ours alone."
One of my favorite things is food and on Sundays I get to pick where we go.  Since we both like the same places it is always a good choice no matter what we choose.   Yesterday was cold so instead of going somewhere on the water, which has the best views, but the food is not so great; we went someplace where it was nice and toasty inside.  Both Brutus and Arvid were so cold they were bundled up before and after while I patiently waited until Arvid warmed up.

I love crab.  So I choose to go and have crab and more crab for dinner.  It was a delicious feast.  I ate so much food, but I am a happy camper.  Crab dip for starters then crab, crab crab...boy was I in heaven and that was before dessert came.  Boy, I have eaten so much and instead of feeling guilty, I feel happy and satisfied.

Every meal for me is a feast.  I love to cook and I love good food. 
 Hmmm  already thinking of next time...

"Wow, that Lean Cuisine really filled me up", said no one ever...