Mar 10, 2013


Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week...

Another week soon done.  This has been a pretty busy week for us. Almost everyday we were out with someone else.  Some work and always fun.  We have met a few people from long time ago.  Always nice to catch up with old friends and to see what has happened since the last time we met.

Sundays are reserved only for Arvid, Brutus and I and today is no exception.  Lazy mornings, music in the background and a bigger than usual breakfast.  Sounds good already.  
Brutus is back to going to the vet daily something we had not anticipated happening, but dealing with it.  Sunday is also his day off so we all got to sleep in a half hour more.  At least I did.  Today we plan to relax and just take it easy.  

I plan to take Arvid out to a nice place and treat him to anything he wants. Hope he is up to it. His favorite places are somewhere on the water.  He plans to take me out to dinner, but I prefer to make dinner at home then go somewhere for dessert.  Already know where I want to go and I know he would be happy with the choice.

Hope your day is great and remember no matter what you do, always make the most of it and always have a fun time doing it!

7pm:  was a perfect Sunday.

Sunday evenings often feel like the weekend is over before it's even begun...