Apr 27, 2013

Aruba.. On The Beach...

No matter what dreams you are chasing, never get above your raising and let the simple things be amazing on the journey of your life..

With no concrete plans for the weekend except our Sunday outing, it was very nice to just say "let's go to Aruba's".  Aruba's is a restaurant on the beach about a 20 minute walk from us.  The weather was beautiful and the workday was over.  It was time to sit back relax and enjoy Happy Hour and music.

The thing we like is that we can just walk.  No need for a car.  As usual when at Aruba's I do enjoy my piña colada and yesterday was no exception.  Problem is, I only had a half and I was already floating away.  Seems like we have to do this more often so that I can get used to at least being able to have two piña coladas.

A few drinks, some live music and something to nibble on made for a very nice outing.  
 These are some of our favorite outings.  Spur of the moment thing, relaxing and just peaceful.  Every so often something with catch my attention.  Like the sign  "fresh Florida poop".  Makes every outing fun.  Afterwards it was back home to check up on Brutus and to make sure he was OK and not getting in trouble.  He was on my Ipad, so yes he was OK...
Hope you are also having a good weekend..
From the simple things to the luxuries, I'm really just enjoying life...