Apr 17, 2013


Gorgeous hair is the best revenge...
It seems that going to Mexico means doing braids on my hair.  It is not really something I even think about when here in the US, but somehow in Mexico it seems fun and appropriate.

It is actually quite inexpensive when compared to doing it here in Florida.  Once when we were in Key West, Florida, I asked one of the ladies what she charged for doing my hair.  She looked and felt my hair and said, "well you have quite a lot of hair and it is pretty long.  Will give you a good deal.  $500.00".
1st time I did braids in Mexico.  The best part of having braids is that I did not have to worry about frizzy hair for a while..  That was great especially when it was so very hot in Mexico and at the Blues Festival this past weekend.  Halfway through the festival I got restless and started removing the beads and eventually braids.  It took me hours to accomplish and when I did I sure looked different.
I looked at her and said, "not good enough".  Since then I have never really inquired again while in Florida.  The first time we went to Mexico it seemed natural to just do the braids.  I thought it was a different look and Arvid was also curious to see what I would look like.  The best part was the girl came to our hotel room to do them.

When I get restless, I experiment with my hair.  I have learnt that this is not always good because I tend to make wrong choices, but I have tried straight, short, braids, buns and I will say that my favorite is my curly hair.  I guess one is always more comfortable with what is naturally theirs.... This does not mean I I will stop experimenting...

If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in the library?