Apr 21, 2013

Difficult Times...

In difficult times, it's so hard to look around and to see what to be grateful for...

We don't realize how good we have it until we see tragedy strike others! Richard and I were in high together. Today he needs all the help $$$ he can get! Please find it in your hearts to help. Anything will help!

Another class mate of mine, Robert asked me to share this with my readers.  I hope some find it in their hearts to help. It goes as follows:

Friends, PLEASE READ THIS. I need your help.

Two days ago in Buffalo, NY, a van carrying 3 adults and 7 children crashed into a city dump truck on the through way (I-90). The driver and his 1 month old son died instantly. An adult sitting in the passenger seat died shortly after in the hospital. The remaining adult and 6 children are in various degrees of hurt. Three of them are in ICU with serious injuries (one of them, 8 years old, still hasn't woken up since the accident). The other 3 are stable with some broken bones.

FOUR of these kids, the 3 in ICU and one in stable condition, are the grand kids of my buddy Richard Rodriguez. Needless to say, the man and his family are distraught. He called me up last night at 1:30am to ask for my help, so here I am, asking you guys to help out and help spread the word so that others may help as well.

Richard has opened an account with Bank of America to collect funds for these children to help with hospital costs etc. Any and all donations can be made to the following:

Richard Rodriguez
FBO Damaris Medina and Children

Acct# 4830-4892-9922

I'll be adding this info to my personal Blog so that my followers there can also help out. If any of you have a Blog I ask you to do the same and provide the info above. I'll also be creating a Facebook page to help with donations. Feel free to share the bank info and the news link below on your own Facebook pages. We have to get support for these kids.

For more info you can contact Richard at 716-986-1048. Be patient if you do because he's been getting phone calls left and right and has barely had much sleep in the past two days. You might not get through right away.

Any little bit helps, so please be generous. Spread the word amongst your own networks of friends. And please keep these kids in your prayers. Especially 8-year old Yamaris who is the most critical of the 6 children.


Here's a link to the actual news report: 

In times of tragedy it is not so much what you say, but what you do.  Words at this time will not mean much because the person is hurting too much.  I know.  I lived it, but your actions will forever leave an imprint.  If you can find it in your hear to donate... please do anything is a big help.

Difficult times show true colors, hard times reveal true friends, and the good will be blessed through the pain...Just let go and let be...