Apr 26, 2013

Happy Friday...

Friday. The golden child of the weekdays. 
The superhero of the workweek. 
The welcome wagon to the weekend. 
The famous F word we are thankful for every week..

As the weekend approaches Arvid says to me, "I am really looking forward to a quiet Sunday with just you".  Well could not be a nicer way to start the weekend and who says that one cannot start the weekend at any given time.  It is all a state of mind.   

Since coming back from the Blues Festival, we have been pretty busy.  Combined with Brutus' surgery it has been crazy.  As usual it has been constant visits to the vet.  At least Brutus has the weekend off to also relax and to catch up with getting better.

Not sure as yet what the rest of the weekend holds.  Just know that Sunday is our day to just relax and have an enjoyable time by ourselves.  Whatever your weekend holds make it memorable.

Even though we are hurting because Brutus is hurting, we are always optimistic.  Breaks my heart to see him this way, but I know that everyday that passes he is recovering.  Just for that, the weekend is looking really good.

Wishing you a good one as well!

It's Friday. I'm Alive. I'm Breathing. I'm Living. Life Is Good.
Feeling good, feeling great, cant knock me down.