Oct 27, 2013

Fun Time....

Good times, those
moments you wish would last forever...

After a long day it was very nice to take a few hours just for ourselves.  So the other 
night we went out for a bit and listened to music, and to wind down a bit.

We went to the Coconut Creek Casino and even though I am not a gambler it is always
nice to try your luck. I always put a limit so as to not gamble away too much.  Hard 
to do so with Arvid around anyway. 

The only thing I am not too crazy about in casinos is all the smoking going on.  
I'm not a smoker and smoke really makes me have a hard time breathing. I feel my 
lungs working much harder to get air through and even though the music was 
really good we did not stay out too late.  Met up with quite a few friends from
The South Florida blues Society and that is always fun.

Out waitress was a cute girl and all night long she called Arvid baby.  He was 
super  happy and so was she because he tipped her really well.   I smiled because
 it was fun to see.   Arvid even said to me, "you notice how she only addresses
me and not you" and of course he was smiling.

As for me I was also having a good time. There was Sushi and it was very good. 
As long as there is good I'm happy.  The music was also excellent.  The band had a
 young Norwegian guitar player, who by the way was excellent.

Hope you weekend had also started out good and that it continues to be good.
Add a good match of soccer into the mix and Arvid is happy.  Happier more 
so because Barcelona won.   I'm happy because I get to go out malling a bit.

Sunday as usual promises to be nice and relaxing.  This Sunday I decided
to treat Arvid to lunch to our favorite spot.  Yep Kaluz it is. I have discovered 
that they make one of the best mojitos in town so of course I am already looking
forward to my mojito today...

For now wishing you all a good day.
Good morning all.

I have so much chaos in my life, it's become normal. You become used to it.

 You have to just relax, calm down, take a deep breath and try to see
 how you can make things work rather than complain about how they're wrong...