Oct 26, 2013

So True...

I adore her smile, I cerish her hugs,
I admire her heart but most of all...I love that she is my mother

Someone shared this the other day and it caught my attention because...it's true.

There is no question at all that all children need both parents, but I know
from experience that when a child wants something, is hurting, it tired
afraid...you get the picture.  The one they ask for is mom.  I love my dad to death.
He is the kindest most wonderful human being I know, but when I am in distress or 
sad or out of sorts the one I call is my mom.  Her voice, her patience, her gentleness
is all I need in that moment to make me feel better again.  When I need advise I ask my dad.

I am not a mother, but I see and learn from my sisters and my own mom
No one know sacrifices like a mother.
No one knows their child like a mother does.

Have a good day everyone.

I believe in love at first sight, because
I loved my mom since I opened my eyes..