Oct 7, 2013

Riley Vinay...

Nephews like you are more precious than gold,
because they keep their aunts and uncles from getting old...

To know Riley is to automatically love him.  Not only because he is my nephew.  He is the whole
package of love, tenderness, kindness and smiles put together.  Riley was born 11years
ago in Florida to my youngest sister, Rima and my brother-in-law George.
The boy has a heart of gold and he loves all god's tiniest of creatures.  Riley is always
saving all the little animals and creatures that crosses his path.  Fearless when
it comes to protecting the less fortunate.  We all think he will make the best
 veterinarian of all times.  There is something about him that touches you deeply.  Could 
be his quiet demeanor and his shyness, but what ever it is, it leaves an impression on everyone 
that comes in contact with this amazing little boy.

 Maybe it's the eyes that speak volumes or maybe it's just the way
he hugs you and tells you he loves you.  Whatever it is, Riley is loved dearly
by Arvid and I.  Arvid calls him The Professor.  Maybe because of his
reading glasses that are way too big for him.  Did I forget to mention that
Riley's hero has been and still is his older brother Gabsy.  

Uncle Arvid, Brutus and I wish you a happy , happy birthday Riley.
We love you with all our heart and we always look forward to seeing you,
Gabsy and Lilly Vade.  Have a wonderful day and never stop smiling.

We love you and that will never change...