Oct 12, 2013

Good Habits...

Smile and be happy, the day is brand new...

For whatever reason (can't recall the specifics right now), I was upset with Arvid.
This lasted until bedtime, but as we lay down to sleep he said to me,
"you know I don't like it when you are mad at me"

The way he said it made me smile.  Arvid has a knack of making me
smile like no one ever did.  I told him I was no longer upset with him.
Have to say we both had a good restful nigh of sleep and woke up 
feeling refreshed and happy again.  I really don't like going to sleep when 
we are upset with each other.  Makes for too much stress.  Much better happy!

Ever since we were little girls my parent always encouraged us to never give up.
They always said if we did not try we would never know.  Did not matter
what the challenge was.  Today this is another rule I live by.  Not one 
to be discouraged.  I don't like defeat and I don't like giving up.
Who really does anyway?