Oct 5, 2013

Missing You...

I miss you a little, I guess you can say, a little too much,
 a little too often, and a little more each day...

As I look at pictures of my nieces, I can't believe how grown up they are.  Yes, I know
nothing and no one stays the same, but even so it seems as if only yesterday they were
little babies all needy and clingy.  Now I look at pictures and I see the beginnings
what promises to be beautiful, confident, kind and loving young women and I smile.
My sisters have done a wonderful job with their little girls.  Their dads also.

As their aunt I am so proud of them all and I see them and realize how
time flies and how every time we meet they have gone through another change.
Today I miss them all.  Today I wish I was living closer to them so that I can be a part
of their everyday lives.  Today what got me missing them even more was Reshma
sending me a picture of her wearing a leather jacket I gave to her.

Then I saw a picture of Lilly Vade on Facebook and it made me sad becuase all of
a sudden she is growing up very fast and I feel like I am missing 
out in their lives.  I saw a picture of Kimsy at an induction activity at the National
Honor Society.  Danielle...I think of her in college and I just don't know
where the years have gone.  Yes today I am feeling sentimental and
I am really in need of seeing my sisters and my nieces and nephews.  Jst to
hear their laughter brightens up my world.

I love each and everyone of you more than you know. As for my nephews, 
I adore them also.  Some days I guess you miss the ones you 
love even more than ever.... today is one of those days.

I did three things today, miss you, miss you  and miss you.
Missing someone is your hearts way of reminding you that you love them...