Oct 12, 2013

Lilly Vade... A Little Princess

From small beginnings come great things.
Courage, determination and pride.  
That's what little girls are made of...

The tiniest member of our family turns 6 years today.  Lilly Vade was born in San Antonio Texas.
All I know is that I could not wait for her to come into the world and as soon as she did
I was there to see her and boy was she a beauty just like my other nieces.

It was so much fun to see her grow, to see her smile and fight as she was fed.  
Arvid and I visited them almost every year in Texas, so we were fortunate to see the 
three kids evolve.  Today they live in Virginia and we still try to get there every year.

Lilly Vade is just trouble in the making, but beautiful, spontaneous and
fun trouble.  That is I guess until she get a tiny bit older.  I recall from the time she
was able to press buttons she was playing on the IPad or her mom's IPhone.
It amazes me every time we visit how much she knows.  Two years ago
she was able to find her favorite tunes on You Tube.  I still don't know how she did it.

Like all girls all she has to do is look at you with those big eyes and you're
a goner.  She does not even have to say a single word and her wish is every ones 
command.  I see her and I melt.  Today she is in school, takes riding lessons, gymnastics
and like her mom and aunt she loves to shop and make herself pretty.

She is after all, a girl and girls just wanna have fun!
Lilly Vade, what a wonderful miracle you are! 
We love you dollface!

Little girls like Lilly Vade are giggles and curls.
ribbons and rows, sugar and spice from head to toes...