Dec 17, 2013

Aleah....Missing You

I miss you.
I don't know what else to say....

Michelle and Aleah left last night.  We had 13 day with them and we made each moment
count.  In those 13 days we got to know Aleah and to fall in love with her.  Now she's gone
and I feel a sadness in my heart.  The same sadness I feel every time I say goodbye to one 
of my sisters, nieces, nephews and parents.  Aleah being just a baby was even harder.

I knew I would love her, but I am very surprised at how much I love her.  She may not be 
my grand daughter by blood, but the feelings I have for her are sure something that will only
grow stronger and deeper as the days go by.  I miss her little face, her smile, laughter...
everything already.  I think it hit me harder than Arvid right now.  Either that or he has better 
control of his emotions.  Mine are raw and my heart is breaking.  Seeing her leave was
a very hard thing.  She was smiling and waving us goodbye.  Just thinking about it 
and I am already starting to cry.  As I told Michelle, "I have on waterproof mascara."

Early this morning they will be back home in Norway where Aleah has
3 other set of grandparents.  Yeah!  Lucky little one. I was awake
very early just so I could track their flight and make sure they
were safely on the ground.  After that I went back for a little more
sleep.  This time I slept better.

 Being so little she will  probably forget about us very soon.  
Breaks my heart, but I know that when we see her next summer in Norway 
she will love us again.  We love her and I am missing her very much.  Reminds
of all the times I have said goodbye to my nieces and nephews all over again.
For days I am sad and mopey, but then we get into our routines and move on.

Life goes on and for now wishing you all a very good day.
Remember, the memories we make today will be with us for a lifetime.

I miss you a little.  Guess you could say a little too much,
a little too often, a little more each day....