Dec 3, 2013

Super Cautious...

If you reveal your secrets to the wind, 
you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees...

I will never stop saying that life with Arvid is never dull.  He sure knows
how to spice up things.  Not always good but like I said never dull.

I don't like surprises.  Arvid on the other hand loves to surprise people.
A few years ago, we went to visit my sister in Texas. We knocked on their door at 
midnight on New Year's Eve.  Rima almost died of shock.  Arvid to them, "SURPRISE"
Next thing you know we were all setting off fireworks and laughing.

Another year my parents were also visiting.  Arvid did not want me to tell them we were
 coming.  I of course wanted to let them know.  Anyway we made arrangements with Rima
and met at the mall in Texas.  Arvid casually approached my mom from behind and said
"how may I help you?"  Another close call, thank god my mom has a good heart.

We have also surprised my parents a few times in NC.  When we moved 
back to condo living Arvid did not want to tell anyone.  We lived almost a 
year in the unit before anyone knew.  Not sure what's the big deal anyway. 
I am not as good as he in keeping secrets.  I don't like them.  I always like to know. 

Sometimes I tend to forget what I can say and what I should not say,
because with Arvid even speaking about the mail in public is a big no no.
Seems he always believes that someone is listening in to us.  I guess I have not
yet become so paranoid as he is.  He always says to me, "it's no one's
business what we do, so we don't have to tell them anything"  As far as he 
goes I should also never subscribe to Facebook, I should not have an Iphone
or any other gadget that can "track" what you do and where you go.

Yeah, life is never dull.  Can become exhausting at times, but dull never!
With Arvid life is full of surprises and always interesting. I never know from one
 moment to another what will happen next. One year I visited my sister for a week.  When 
I came home he had bought himself a brand new SL500.  He said that's what happens 
when I leave him alone.  Says he gets bored.
Wishing you all a good day...

The cautious seldom err.
it requires as much caution to tell the truth as to conceal it...