Dec 14, 2013

Special Moments Again...

Each and every second of your day is the most valuable, precious one you will get,
 so spend those seconds with a smile upon your face, and laugh...

Arvid and I are having just a wonderful time with our grand-daughter.  It still feels a little
strange to say that Aleah is my grand daughter, but I so love the sound of it.  I see her and 
I fall in love every time.  We both do.  It's just natural.

She reminds me so much of when my nieces and nephews were just tiny tots.  They 
sure hug tightly and simile at you all the time.  Makes life so much more enjoyable.

Yesterday we were all at the mall.  Arvid and I were on grandparent duty.
Something we take very seriously.  The truth is we absolutely enjoy every moment!

On another note, Brutus saw the specialist.  Nothing new really.  We were told
that Brutus has one of those bad infections that can take years to go away.
He was given a new medication which he will start on Tuesday.  Arvid and I just
hope to see a little improvement.  We were told that one of the side effects is blindness.

I had a terrible night just imagining Brutus blind.  I know it's not the worse,
but at that moment my heart could not take it nor did I understand why this should be
happening.  When ii mentioned it to Arvid he was also overcome with emotion.
Neither of us can bear the thought of our little Brutus blind.  We always hope for a miracle.

Good morning everyone.  It's Saturday and another day filled with hope,
great expectations.
Never stop believing in hope, because miracles happen everyday.

A time will come when you will realize that the happiest moments 
of your life are the times when you use your heart rather than your mind...