Dec 12, 2013

Always Hoping For The Best...

If you don't believe in miracles,
perhaps you have forgotten you are one...

Today we take Brutus to the specialist.  We go there with the hopes of finding out what is 
really going on with him.  Brutus has been with this since January of this year.  One year
and still not even close to finding out what's the reason.  As usual we are hoping for the best.

Brutus has many friends all over the globe.  He is a very lucky kitty kat
in every which way.  Arvid and I love him and can NEVER see him not in our lives.
For us he is our baby and we hurt because we cannot fix what's wrong with him.

I am not one to pray much.  I don't bargain with anyone, but if this will
help Brutus in any which way, I know how to pray.  Pray I will that he get better.
If I have to bargain with some higher forces, I will.  Please just make our baby good again.

We keep asking ourselves.."why, why"  So far no answers.  Just more questions.
Today we are hoping to have some answers. 

When the world says GIVE UP,
HOPE whispers try it one more time..