Dec 20, 2013


A good life is when you assume nothing,
do more, need less, smile often, dream big,
laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are...

Another of my favorite days of the week is here.  Friday!!  Yeah!!  It's been a long week.
We have had problems with our email system.  Yes, someone hacked into our email.
Sent out letters to all Arvid's contacts with some sob story and of course requesting 
money.  I'm happy that there are really smart people around who right away knew it
was a scam.  As I said to Arvid this morning, "if anyone sent money to this scammer.
then they deserve to lose it."  Thankfully no one did.  

On Fridays like most of you, we like to do something different.  Something that 
breaks up the usual routine of the week.  Today we will take a trip into Miami 
and as usual when in Miami, I cannot resit going to Monty's.  I love the raw bar there,
and of course Arvid loves the pitcher of Heineken.  Both happy!  Hope it does not rain.
Right now looking like rain, but many hours left to go.

I woke up this morning all smiles.  Thinking of the day ahead and also because I had
a dream with Gabby.  Gabby plays the Sax and just the other day he was first chair
in the school concert.  Makes both Arvid and I proud everytime we hear him play.

That's big brother Gabby and Lilly Vade.  Aleah reminds me in many ways
of Lilly Vade.  Lilly Vade is always smiling, laughing and forever a happy 
child.  From the time she was a baby she's been know to always be happy. Thinking
of them made me smile and has already made my Friday a beautiful day.

Wishing you all a good start of the weekend.
Remember always make time to have a little fun.  
Life without fun is really no life at all.

Make today ridiculously amazing...