Dec 22, 2013


Life is only as good as you decide to make it.
So stand up.  be bold and don't let everyone else define it...

I feel good today.  No special reason.  Just happy because we woke up to 
another beautiful day.  We have all we can want and we are happy with our lives,
and each other.  I am love and I am loved.  More than enough. 

For some the Holidays are not the happiest time of the year.  I can 
definitely understand that.  I have been there and I know how lonely
it can be even when you are surrounded by Holiday cheer.  I wish 
to say that one way of getting into the feeling good spirit is to TRY and forget
everything that ails you.  Do something for someone.  Do something totally out of character.

Trust me it works.  What I did long time ago was find me a little part time job at the mall.
It was the best time ever.  I met people.  I talked to people and I realized that no 
matter how bad I thought I was having it there was always someone who was
worse off than I was.  My goal at that time was to cheer someone else rather than 
focus on why I was not feeling so good.  It worked for me.

Wishing you all good times ahead.
May you all live n interesting times.

Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without 
feeling the need for anyone else's approval....