Dec 9, 2013

Good Times...

Do what makes your soul shine...

The pictures can explain all by themselves what a great time we are having with our grand daughter
and Michelle.  Our days are filled with them.  Brutus is also very interested in the little one.
Unfortunately have not been able to get a picture with the two of them as yet.
At some point one or the other is running off, but yet they are curious of each other.

Like all babies, she loves the water.

We just can seem to get enough of her.

Grandpa, daughter and grand-daughter.  All of us having fun in the pool.
This is the first time we have ever used the pool in our building.
Have to say it was not bad.  Best of all we were the only ones there.

Still have many days to go with them.  Every day spent together is cherished.
Thinking of Aleah makes me smile and I am already ready to hold her.

For now good morning all.  Brutus and I have been awake for a while now.
We have already been out in the balcony and Brutus has already had
medicines, some grass and a few treats.  Of course brushing is a must.
Wishing you all a pleasant day.  Enjoy it and remember,
don't rush through life..

We didn't realize we were making memories.  
We just knew we were having fun...