Aug 1, 2016

2016 Moments In Norway...

Memories are the one thing that can never be taken from us.  Make many of them.

I would like to thank Victoria, Michael, Michelle, Emil and definitely Molly for
making this a summer to remember.  We have had some very good times with all of you!  You 
all made this stay remarkable and unforgettable.  Molly I would like you to know that I have
 enjoyed every outing we have had with you.  This summer it was relaxed and very peaceful the 
times spent with you. As I have told Arvid, it is probably one of the best times I have had.  
Thank you all for your hospitality, kindness and yes generosity.  Every moment was a
 good one and I know that next summer will only be better.  Thank you!  Thank you!

To our granddaughters, you have made our lives even better than it was. Coming
to Norway has an added plus.  Two little girls named Aleah and Vanessa. Grandma
and grandpa from America, as you called us will miss you both very much.

I'm capturing the moments of today that will WOW our hearts tomorrow.
As we all know the best moments happen when they are unplanned.

A good and happy life is a collection of  happy moments.
We have made quite a few of those this summer and more to come.  Always.

Life is short.  Time is fast.  No replay.  No rewind.
So enjoy every moment as it comes.  We are and continue doing so.

Pictured above is Aleah in her first competition.  She rode that bicycle like a champ.
All I can say is that we were just very happy to be there and to be part of this moment.

It has been so far a very good summer here in Norway.  Weather has been good, and
seeing everyone and having a good time with them makes for an excellent summer vacation.

Soon our time here will be over, but the memories made will forever be a part of us.
To all thank yo very much for some excellent times so far.  Let's make more memories together.

Temperatures are cooling down here in Norway, but I like it.  The cool air is clean
and it makes for nice long walks.  Today we see everyone again.  It has become a
"tradition" to gather at Molly's home the night before we leave.  The last couple of years
we did it at Michelle and Emil's, but Michelle works late today.  We see her in
the morning and we "babysit" our granddaughter.  Means ice-cream time.

In the early evening we meet at Molly's with VM for the last time for this summer.
Tomorrow an early morning visit to Molly and then off we go to the airport.

Hello everyone.  It's a beautiful day here in Arvid's home town of Horten.
Looking forward to making the best of it.  To all, thank you again for the memories.

It's the moments together tan change us forever.
No matter what happens some memories can never be replaced...