Aug 5, 2016

So Happy To Be Home...

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.
Home is a destination where your weariness and tiredness go away upon arrival... 

What a difference it makes being back home in the USA.  For starters when we got to the 
airport in Oslo there was just no system.  People just pushed and never said excuse 
me or I'm sorry. They almost ran you over.  To go where I'm not sure.

I love airports and was excited we were going to have a few hours in Oslo
before boarding. Well the largest attraction was the duty free shop. Boring!  We got to 
our gate and I saw a little place selling wine and coffee. So I thought I'll get a cafe latte 
since the one in Horten was excellent. Better than the ones I have had in Starbucks.

It took me on hour in the line to get a coffee.  No the line was not that long, but service 
is not fast either.  There is no such thing as speed it up.  It happens when it happens and if
 you really want it there is no other choice than to wait.  The cafe mocha was not that good.  

I finally got to the cashier and could not help it but I said,"if you had to work in the USA
 you will never make it with this attitude."  Felt better after that.  After paying almost
 $13.00 for a coffee and a bottle of water I was even more ready to go home.  If service 
was good I won't complain about the $13.00. All airports are expensive after all.

Now JFK airport.  Day and night.  We got there early as well and with all the things, 
shops, restaurants to see even I had to take a rest before lunch.  How I missed American food.
 Seeing all the choices was just happiness for me. Of course I ended up eating chicken.

 Chicken wings. How we have missed you!   Can't ever stop saying how good it is to
 be home!  If I never had to go to another country again in my life I'm sure I won't be unhappy! 
 The United States of America is good enough for us!!!  I never want to leave it!

Yes I love vacations, but I really like only like to be gone for a few days tops a week.
  When we go to Mexico we do 8 days.  Enough to relax, have a good time and
 by then I am so read to come home.  The thing about Mexico though is 
that it is an actual vacation.  We relax and we have a very good time.

Arvid puts it best when he said, "just so good to be home.  Here we have no agenda.  
No schedule to run from one place to another."  We were both so exhausted
 after our Norway "vacation" that we can't stop saying how happy 
we are to be home.  Peaceful and quiet.

No matter what whenever one visits family it is exhausting.  Be it Arvid's family or mine. 
 Always good to be back home.  Only difference is that when we go to Norway we
spend a very long time compared to when visiting my family.  It is far after
all to just do a few days.   Probably why we are always so tired after Norway,
 and so happy to be back home. Can't say it enough.  We ARE HOME!!!!!

Today marks 9 months since my Brutus has been dead.  Not a day goes by that I don't
 miss him and think of him.  My Brutus stole my heart and he still has it.  In my heart
something will always be missing.  5 months since Lil Shadow also died.  I will never
stop grieving for him.  He was a baby and he never made it to one year.  We have also had
 Sniff Sniff for 5 months.  He fills our life and home with his love.  We are the lucky ones.

I miss you a little too much, a little too often, and a little more everyday.