Aug 11, 2016


You'll know he's someone special, when no matter what kind of
 a mood you're in, he can always manage to make you smile..

Arvid does not know what it is to not be doing something.  He constantly finds "jobs"
 for us to do.  His whole thing about "team work" is just another way to make me 
do work with him.  Anything he does, he wants me to work beside him. 

 Sometimes I tell him to please don't take this team work so much at heart.   He does
 not listen and I continue to work with him doing sometimes what I call nonsense
 "jobs."  He smiles at me and says, "but we have fun don't we?"  We do.

Yesterday was pizza day so we went to our favorite pizza place and had a pizza fest for 
two.  Afterwards he surprised me by asking if I would like to go to Macy's and look 
around. That is really a no brainier question.  Of course I want to go to Macy's.

Yesterday shopping was just for him.  Unlike when I go shopping, it took Arvid a total 
of 20 minutes to pick up 5 T-shirts, pay the bill and declare he was all done shopping.  Not
the way I like to shop that's for sure.  I love to browse.  Then I like to try on clothes, 
then I like to go and have a cup of coffee.  After that I may go back and try on
 some more.  Maybe I buy something or maybe I won't, but the fun of shopping
 is to look around and check out everything.  At least for me.

So after 20 minutes of this so called shopping Arvid asked me if I would like to go 
to the Pub on the lower level of Macy's.  Well of course I said yes.  Before Brutus died I
 did not drink much.  Maybe a Pina Colada once in a while.  I never drink beer and I am not 
fond of wine.  I like frozen drinks with the little umbrella or in worst case a vodka and coke.  

I figured at the Pub I will just have a cup of coffee while Arvid had a beer or two. That's 
usually how it works, but when we got there they had the special of the day.  Sangria.  Red
 or white.  Well for once I decided to go for the Sangria.  I did not regret that decision.  After
 a very huge glass of Sangria I was very unsteady, but in a good mood as we walked home.

Of course Arvid said that since the Pub now has better beer that it did last time we 
were there, he would like to add this to one of his favorite places to hangout while I
 shop.  Hmmm...not so sure I like the idea too much, but the Sangria sure was good.

Life with Arvid is unpredictable.  Good and sometimes not so much, but so far 
I can't complain.  We are both similar in the way we like to live and the things
 we like to do.  One thing for sure we like to be on the move.  

Sniffer is getting more amd more comfortable with us.  Everyday I pick him up several 
times trying to get him used to being held and carried around like we did with Brutus. 
He still fights me, but I am not giving up.  I will make him like being held. 

 I want to hold him like I did with my Brutus.  I hope he will grow to like it.  Brutus
 loved being held and carried around.  Arvid does not pick Sniff up much because 
the times he did he was scratched.  I don't care.  I will try until he loves it.

Wishing everyone a very good day.  The work week is almost done.

You're like a song I can't get out of my head...