Aug 16, 2016

Summertime In Chicago...

Hair get lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drinks get colder.
Music get louder, nights get longer.  Life gets better.  Summertime...

Yesterday was one of those days that makes you want to return to sunny Florida. 
 It was windy, drizzles and for a while there our view was just the fog.  Could it be that fall
 is already coming?  With the weather in Chicago one never knows.  Unpredictable.
  One day it can be beautiful and the next well it can be like yesterday.  Temperatures 
were cooler, but once it started to clear up the evening looked better.
It is still summertime here in Chicago.  Hoping for a summer day.

Soccer is back on again, so combined with the Rio games and now soccer you 
guessed it.  Arvid pretty much has his days and nights filled up.  I don't care to see 
everything at the Olympics, a few things yes, but because it's summertime there 
is also none of our regular shows on TV.  I lime to watch a movie, but Arvid not always
 so keen on it.  Good thing we know how to compromise.  Well most of the time.

Sniff loves TV time because he gets to sleep on Arvid's lap.  As soon as Arvid sits
 he jumps right up and just makes himself real comfy and just like that Sniff 
is asleep and so happy. I move too much so he does not sit with me.

The weekend was good.  We went to one of our favorite restaurants in Chicago. 
 Yes it has a killer view.  Never have we seen so many boats pass by in the
 span of a few hours.  Not even in Fort Lauderdale.  It was boat after 
boat and they were all packed.  Music and dancing in many. Was just 
the best way enjoy a good meal and to make it a perfect Sunday.

Yesterday we finally skyped with Michelle and our 2 granddaughters.  Had 
not seen them since we left Norway.  Made for the best start of our day.  Can't stop
saying that they are just adorable. Just too cute.  Seeing them made me want to
 be there with them again.  Hold them and kiss them.  I love those little ones.  
Could they be the reason we may one day live in Norway?   Hmmmmmm......

Back to our life here in Chicago. There is always something to do and right now 
Arvid is focused on the walls.  As I mentioned a while back we tried getting someone 
to come and do something with the wallpaper it has, but everyone was booked for 
the summer or their time frames did not match ours.  Now we have to
 do the job ourselves.  More like Arvid does.  Oh boy.

Together with his helper Sniffer, Arvid is now removing wallpaper, removing the 
glue under he wallpaper, sanding, patching, and yes finally painting.  All 
this means is that I have t be on my toes and ready to do all his
 "errands" that go with the job.  Not interesting at all.

Tuesday morning, as always I am awake early but still lay in bed.  The apartment is not
 that big so I don't want to disturb Arvid and Sniffer.   Sniff sleep through the night but 
has a period of an hour 5-6 that he's is awake and makes as much noise as possible.

  I get up give him some foodies, pet him a little and he's back to sleepy land.  Sniff 
lives to sleep in in the mornings.  Just like Arvid.  Almost 8am here in Chicago 
and they were both still in bed.  Hopefully they will both be awake soon.

Good morning everyone.  Today Gabby comes home from Los Angeles.  His sister 
Lilly Vade has missed him so such that she made her mom take a video of her crying 
and send to him.  As Lilly Vade would say, "that's my brother."  No one messes
 with her brothers when she is around..  Lilly Vade is a force all by herself.  

School starts soon for them and she told her mom that she needed a new backpack
 since she is now in a higher grade.  Her mom, my sister Rima said, "but the
 old one is still good so I think you can use it."  Lilly Vade looks at her 
mom and says, "don't I have a say in this matter?"  Kids today. 
You just gotta love them.  To all a very good day.

Life isn't perfect, but it has perfect moments...