Aug 24, 2020

Mall Time...Not The Same Anymore August 24th

I am not a shopaholic, I am helping the environment...

I asked Arvid if he would like to go shopping with me.  His answer was, 
"why, we don't need anything do we?  So simple.  Like as if we go shopping
because we needed something.  I go shopping because I don't need anything,
 but I would like to get a few things.  This Arvid will never understand.

The joy of shopping lies in what unexpected something will catch
our fancy.  Shopping for me has become quite a job these days.
The truth is Arvid is right I DON"T need anything, but what's the fun
 in going to the mall and not coming back with a little something.

I have perfected a little trick to make Arvid think I bought nothing.  I'm
sure many do the same.  I know my mom does it as well.  The trick is
to carry a huge handbag that's almost empty.  Once at the mall you
can fill it up, come home and no one is the wiser.  I think Arvid knows,
 but we both play the game well and both of us are happy.

Every so often I come home with a package and I thank
him very much for buying me so many nice things.
Even though he had no clue he did!  Now he does :)

Today is another day.  The malls open pretty early and who
 says a girl can't go shopping two days in a row?  Maybe we
meet at the mall, you never know.  For now, have
fun and if the shoe fits,buy them ALL!!!

Those were the good old days.  Today going to the mall
is not something I do much.  Since March I may have gone
to the mall twice.  I may have saved a little money, but what's
 the joy in life if you can't buy yourself something every
 now and again..  Thank goodness for online shopping.
Thank goodness for Sniff and all the love he brings.

New week already.  No mall.  No eating out.
No going out for my pina colads, instead is staying
 at home.  Isolating from others, and excited at the same
 time that it seems like soon life will start to happen all over
again.  Florida is on a good course right now as far as
COVID goes.  Hopefully it will continue this way.

Our week is packed with a little this and a little that.
Every little thing is like an outing these days.  Today
 we do the Swap Shop.  Coconuts and tropical fruit
are on my list.  That everyone is today's "chore"

Hello Monday.  Hello new week.  What do you have
 in store for us today?  Whatever it is we are ready.  Arvid
even more so.  He has been brimming with energy for
weeks now.  I wonder what he has cooking up for us.

Happy Monday all.  It used to be.. when in doubt
 go shopping.  Today that does not work.

You're right, shopping won't fix the problem.
But it will put me in a better mood when I have to deal with it..