Aug 23, 2020

Sunday August 23rd ~

No matter what happens in life, be good 
to people. Being good to people is a
 wonderful legacy to leave behind...

The days continue to fly by.  Before you know it 
August is soon over.  Christmas is looming in
the horizon.  For many summer is soon over,
and autumn will be knocking at their doors.

 What a year it has been. Arvid continues to
 keep track of how many people in a boat.

Today is Arvid's last soccer game.  He's been 
looking forward to it for quite some time.  Of course
 we will be placing a bet on it.  Just $1.00 💲💲

The last two games played we betted on.  He won
 the first bet.  I won the second.  So we are even.  I 
know that on today's game Arvid will win, but just
 for fun I made the bet with him.  He enjoys it 😂.

I'm feeling blah.  All is good here, but in
 Norway a little kitty is missing from his home. 
He's been gone now for 5 long weeks.

  His mama and daddy are family.  Makes the little
dude, Loffen family too.  I'm sad because I picture
 my anguish should something happen to Sniff, and I
 know exactly what Victoria and Michael are going
 through.  I still grieve for Brutus and Shadow.
 Of course, now I'm worried for Loffen 😢.

The day here is beautiful.  Lot of things to do
 this coming week.  Always good to stay busy. 
Makes one feel as if life is "normal" again.

The numbers are going down.  We're not there yet,
but it's starting to feel like we soon will be. 

Hello Sunday.  Hope everyone is enjoying
 their day and getting ready for the new week that
 will soon be here.  Life is full of surprises,
 Arvid loves surprises.  Me not at all.

Life comes with many challenges. The ones
 that should not scare us are the ones we
 can take on and take control of...