Aug 27, 2020

Galleria Mall~

Just for a moment, amid all the bad
 stuff, this was a happy place again...

As you drive up, the first thing you notice are the palm trees.

You can tell right away, you're in some kind of  a paradise.

Galleria Mall may not be everyone's cuppa tea, 
but I like it because it's not too huge, and because
 of that I can walk in in a short time🌴.

Pulling into the parking is like pulling into a resort.

Florida living at it's best.  many other malls you can 
choose to go to, but not many as pretty as this one.

How it looks at Christmas time.  Set the mood for the holidays.

I look forward to Christmas and the decorations 
at The Galleria. Christmas is on of my happy times.  
Arvid hates it, but I have always loved it.  I still do.

As long as we are together, I am at my happy place.

My happy place where love grows from within.
 Everyone's happy place is different, and usually 
consists of the things that will make them happy...